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Trustees of Group


Below is a list of the Trustee Committee for the group.



Joanne Mountjoy Dixon

Joanne is the founder of Thetford & District Dementia Support Group and was a Carer for her both her parents.

Joanne owns a local Foot Health Practice in Thetford and is also a Dementia Consultant Trainer.  

Joanne has worked with Carers and people with dementia for many years and regularly provides coaching and training for individuals, groups, Carers and Health Professionals in Dementia.

Yvonne Warren

Yvonne is Treasurer of the group.

Yvonne has had first hand experience of caring for a loved one with dementia and is well placed to understand the mixture of love, dedication and stress carers can often feel when they find themselves in this situation.


Yvonne is an experienced and compassionate listener for the Carers at the group.

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Colin Parodi

Colin joined us a volunteer and has been part of TADDS Group for a few years, he is now an active Trustee on the Committee.

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Joyce Avilla

Joyce is an active volunteer within our group and is Trustee Secretary for TADDS Management Committee, 

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Linda Stow-Butcher

Linda was a Carer who has first hand experience of the how dementia changes lives and cared for her partner until he passed away.  Linda has been part of TADDS Group for a few years and is an active Fund Raiser.

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Doreen Harvey

Doreen was a Carer for her husband who had dementia, and has been part of TADDS for a lot of years.  Since her husband passed away Doreen has been an active Fund Raiser for TADDS, and runs a monthly raffle.

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Jane Howard

Jane Joined us as a Trustee with a wealth of retail knowledge and event planning,  and has taken on sorting and arranging our group activities with great success.

Although retired, Jane works tirelessly for TADDS and also with another Charity (that personally resonates with Jane).  We are grateful and very proud of all the support she give to our group members.

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