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After what can only be described as the worst year in living memory, we are delighted to have started our group going again.


We started back in July 2021, a timely month as it gave us cause to have a double celebration as it was also our 7th Year anniversary.


2020 saw for all of us, many changes and brought a lot of sadness and loss, at TADDS we continued to provide weekly support via telephone and through the power of the internet with zoom calls, and weekly quizzes... it was great fun and kept us all connected at a time when physical connection was lacking.  But to actually be in a room and with a group again is wonderful and it has been much missed.


We look forward to seeing you soon

Jo Mountjoy-Dixon

Dates for 2021 are currently every Friday up to 17th December 2021 from 10am until 12 noon 
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