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Our History








Thetford and District Dementia Support (TADDS), launched its first group day on the 25th July 2014.

Based on an original idea called "Dementia Action Thetford & District" formed in 2012 by Joanne Mountjoy-Dixon - an experienced Dementia Lead,  to answer the needs of individuals in Thetford and the surrounding area, who had little or no support from any Statutory agencies or charities.


The group answers the needs of Carers and people with dementia who want a more social environment where they can meet up, share, support and feel valued.  


The Group runs every Friday from 10am -1pm at Cloverfields Community Church Hall, Yarrow Close, Thetford, for people to get support whether they are a person living with a diagnosis, caring for someone with dementia, or a member of family of someone affected by this disease.

Activities are provided between 10am and 12 noon and a fresh cooked lunch which is booked in advance, is served from 12noon to 1pm.  

Joanne Mountjoy-Dixon

Registered Charity Number: 1169626

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