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Thetford and District Dementia Support Group

We offer a drop-in community support group that has no formal referral system, which is warm and welcoming to people with dementia, Carers, Families and Friends, which offers a choice of refreshments and activities.


We will:


  • Provide a safe, friendly and understanding environment


  • Provide a point of social contact and friendship


  • Provide information, guidance and access to further resources you may need


  • Promote participation and enjoyment through a range of meaningful activities


  • Provide a Carers group where Carers will get support and be listened to


  • Encourage Carers and people with dementia to participate in decisions which directly affect them.


  • Encourage all who attend to laugh, have fun and feel valued.

alzheimer's, vascular dementia, carers group, dementia 



Registered Charity Number: 1169626

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