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Thetford and District

Dementia Support Group

Registered Charity Number: 1169626

Supporting and Promoting a life of Well-being and Quality




  • By offering weekly emotional support and information.

  • By providing meaningful activities for all to enjoy, within a welcoming group

  • By providing a positive message that there are changes you can make that will help you live well with dementia.

  • By offering practical suggestions and helpful tips to help you to manage the changes in your life.

  • By helping you to test out and develop your own unique ways to live well with dementia.

  • By raising awareness and helping the wider community to understand Dementia to reduce the stigma.

  • By offering regular Workshops, Training and Development to all.


Thetford & District Dementia Support Group is a local registered charity which provides information and emotional support to people with Dementia, Carers, Families and Friends helping someone with memory problems, find a better quality of life; whilst raising awareness to reduce stigma associated to this disease.

We encourage the sharing of memories and experiences, for the benefit of all.


It is our intention to make Thetford a Dementia Friendly and Aware Town and be a voice for people living with dementia

Sponsors:  M & J Feet & Health Practice

                  Norfolk Community Foundation

                  Thetford Team Ministry & Thetford Christians Together

                  Celia Della Hoy's Croxton Charity

                  Willow Property Management


Vascular dementia, alzheimer's, frontal lobe, lewy body, dementia, frontotemporal dementia, mixed dementia, memory, loss, mild cognitive impairment, senile dementia.  07542866519

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